Rights of Use by Shannon Eichorn

Aliens don’t exist. At least, not as far as the public is concerned. Unfortunately for Sarah and Maggie, they do. Abducted by parasitic aliens intent on using their bodies as hosts. With the Kemtewet intent on using them as status symbols, the Gertewet, parasites who don’t inhabit humans without their consent, are working to take down the Kemtewet empire. Our intrepid pair must work to escape with their lives and minds in tact. But can they do it without becoming Gertewet hosts?

The idea behind Rights of Use grabbed me right off the bat and I eagerly jumped in the moment it became available on Kindle. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am excited for the next in the series. The book follows multiple perspectives, including Sarah, Maggies father, and two Gertewet/human pairs (The Gertewet work with their human hosts, leaving their minds in tact. Kemtewet think of humans as meatsuits.)

All were well developed, believable and interesting, especially with the insights into Kemtewet culture. I found Sarah’s POV by far the most, since she was in a lot of the most immediate danger from a POV standpoint. Maggie and Sarah are together often though so we don’t see many Maggie POV’s comparatively.

This book features Genderfluid aliens who adopt the gender of their hosts and might have multiple hosts of different genders over a lifetime, as well as questions of bodily autonomy.

Trigger warnings for rape analogies, genocide, murder and kidnapping.

Overall this book was very good and I would reccomend it to anyone who finds the idea remotely interesting.


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