The Saviors Champion by Jenna Moreci

Tobias is miserable. As the only member of his family able to work, this artist at heart faces a future as a laborer. A dream forestalled due to tragedy. When the Soverigns Tournament approaches, he thinks nothing of it. That is, until he hears of the cash reward. Enough to support his family for the rest of their lives. The catch? The tournament is a contest to the death. With the money, his family is safe, but will he survive to fulfill his own dreams.

I’ve known about this book as long as I’ve known about Jenna Moreci’s youtube channel, but shortly after I finished Eve: The Awakening I was more than willing to give this book a shot. And it delivered.

The characters in TSC are amazing. Each feels like their own person and they all jump off of the page. The plot is well paced and the challenges they face are interesting and creative.

Also the diversity in this book is awesome. There are multiple characters from varying backgrounds and sexual preferences. The diversity of health issues was an unexpected surprise as well. Tobias’s PTSD was portrayed very well and I loved his sister Naomi as a character.

She has no use of her legs due to an accident (something learned in chapter 1) and as a result struggles with constantly wanting to do more than her body will allow and having days where she can’t get out of bed due to her pain. Yet she doesn’t wallow in this state and while she hates being coddled, accepts that she needs help when she needs it.

Going into this book I expected the relationship between Tobias and Leila to be good on the strength of the relationship in Eve alone. Multiple reviewers said it was one of their favorite parts and after reading it I agree. Their relationship is as cute as it is healthy and you cheer every step of the way for them to be together.

Overall TSC was a very good, strong book and I would recommend it to any fan of fantasy books. It is dark fantasy and there is blood, gore and violence, but it never felt overdone or overly dramatic.


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